Childhood Movie Inspo & Link-Up

All of us had our favorite movies growing up. Some had a fun story with lots of adventure (The Goonies), memorable quotes (“you’re killing me smalls”), trend-setting fashion (Clueless), lots of dancing (Girls Just Want To Have Fun) and some provided us with our first tear-jerker movie experience (My Girl…oh, the number of tears that… Read More

Bring on the shorts -- spring to summer transition outfits

Bring On The Sunshine & Oh, Hey Girl! Link-Up

This time of year, is the best time of year. The temperatures are warming up, the days are longer and the excitement of summer is building. Not only am I excited about the long summer days ahead, I’m excited about our new home finally being complete! Since starting this process in July, the waiting, decision… Read More


The Busy Mom’s Guide To Being Present In The Moment

There is nothing quite as hectic as the life of a mom. We see you at the playground struggling with the tantrums, handing out the snacks and trying to keep it together. Amid all that chaos, it’s easy to miss the beautiful moments with your children, the wholesome times that quickly pass. Your little ones are smiling, laughing… Read More

Blogging Tips: which platform do you use?

Blogging Tips: Which Platform Do You Use?

Which platform do you use? Why? And, would you recommend it? Did you build/design the site yourself or did you hire someone? Any recommendations? We use WordPress to run our blog and would definitely recommend it! Although we don’t have experience with any other blogging platform, we’ve found that WordPress is really easy to use… Read More