5 Reasons To Shop Your Local Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets are becoming more and more popular. Have you visited one yet? If not, here’s five reasons you should: 1. Support local small businesses and farmers. By shopping at a farmer’s market you are supporting the small business owners in your local economy. Whether they’re making crafts, growing gorgeous fruits and veggies, cutting fresh… Read More


Introducing The Pumps & Push-Ups Collection Powered By Ziel

We’re really excited to introduce you to a project we’ve been working on lately — our very own, exclusive line of active wear for The Pumps & Push-Ups Collection. The ladies at Ziel blended our love of bright colors, tropical escapes and big beautiful blooms to create our first collection. Each item is produced right… Read More


Childhood Movie Inspo & Link-Up

All of us had our favorite movies growing up. Some had a fun story with lots of adventure (The Goonies), memorable quotes (“you’re killing me smalls”), trend-setting fashion (Clueless), lots of dancing (Girls Just Want To Have Fun) and some provided us with our first tear-jerker movie experience (My Girl…oh, the number of tears that… Read More